Fire & Rescue NSW

Webber Architects was engaged by Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) for the design and construction of a new fire station at 81 Railway Street Mount Druitt, to replace the existing Mount Druitt Fire Station, located at the corner of Belmore Road and Varian Street in Mount Druitt. This project involved the relocation of sixteen permanent firefighters and their equipment from the existing Mount Druitt Fire Station to the new station. 

The key objectives for the proposed new Mount Druitt Fire Station by FRNSW were to align service delivery capacity in a centralised Mount Druitt location, provide a purpose-built station capable of accommodating resources for rapid emergency response, improve staff work health and safety requirements, and establish a new, functional, and well-equipped station to support firefighters’ operational needs in responding adequately to local community emergency incident requirements.

The newly constructed fire station is comprised of a single building made of precast concrete, face brick, and lightweight cladding, featuring corrugated metal roofing. Surrounding this structure are external areas that include a concreted driveway and car park, all nestled within grassy expanses dotted with mature trees that are enclosed by a protective fence.

Enhancing the functionality and sustainability of the station, external additions encompass various elements such as FRNSW signage for clear identification, a hose pole for efficient equipment storage, a flag pole for ceremonial purposes, illuminated signage for visibility, and the integration of 3.0kV photovoltaic panels and a solar hot water system to promote energy efficiency.

Moreover, the station’s outdoor spaces are designed to facilitate training activities, featuring a floodlit drill yard, a dedicated training prop area, and a well-organized car park for seamless operations. These external works not only enhance the station’s operational capabilities but also contribute to its overall functionality and environmental responsibility.