merewether 7 residence


Rowan Crescent, Merewether NSW

This residence is in the suburban setting of Merewether. The site has a curved street frontage of 44.285 metres and falls approximately 4.6 across the steepest path. The brief was for a clean, modern aesthetic with functional and timeless finishes for a busy and vibrant family home. The form of the building was not to be a perfect square and the client was open to consider various materials. The owners required four bedrooms (including guest), study, family room, laundry, en-suite and open plan living, kitchen and dining space opening to external living area. A two-car garage plus storage was also required with direct access to the house.

The house integrates well with the existing built environment consisting mostly of 1 and 2 storey detached houses by matching the scale and building line of its context. The new building is comprised of two intersecting forms angled to align with the street frontage and the rear northern orientation. This concept allows the defining entry to the house from the street to be at the intersection of the forms. The garage is skewed on its alignment to the street to reduce the impact of the garage door.

The entry , which includes the stair, connects both levels of the house. The entry level comprises the bedrooms and retreat areas whilst the lower level encompasses the livings areas and guest room which open out towards the northern sun allowing maximum connection to the secluded rear yard.

The facades have been articulated through the use of different materials.  The ‘pop out’ sections and blades are clad in a system contrasting to the painted foam render finish.  The expressed first floor edge further articulates the form and mirrors the form of the roof creating shaded areas and some sun protection to the northern windows.  In addition to the eaves full length blades are protecting the northern windows from harsh western sun. 


Views have been maintained and overshadowing avoided for neighbouring residences by orientating the buildings to the street edge.  Privacy has been maintained with windows unaligned to neighbouring windows and not overlooking neighbouring residences’ yards.  Privacy to the rear yard is formed by the orientation of the building form.