Bonvilla estate




Bonvilla Estate, Pokolbin NSW

The architectural design endeavour aimed to enrich the Cellar Door experience by expanding its public area while maintaining the building’s footprint integrity. A private tasting area was introduced at the northern end, seamlessly integrating the existing fireplace as a room divider, preserving its rustic charm.

Explorations were undertaken to incorporate a new doorway in the eastern external wall, accompanied by an elevated deck offering panoramic views of the eastern vineyard. These additions sought to enhance the ambiance and provide visitors with an immersive connection to the natural surroundings.

To cater to culinary preferences, the integration of a small internal kitchenette was proposed within the Cellar Door, facilitating the preparation of cheese platters. Additionally, the possibility of adding an external pizza oven was explored, enriching the gastronomic experience for patrons.

Efforts were made to mitigate potential storage space loss by utilizing the existing mezzanine level for Cellar Door storage. Investigations were conducted to determine the fire rating requirements for the party wall separating the Cellar Door from the adjacent tourist accommodation, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Furthermore, considerations were given to toilet facilities and off-street car parking requirements as per local council regulations, anticipating the proposed increase in Cellar Door capacity. These measures aimed to enhance visitor convenience and uphold regulatory standards.

The architectural proposal prioritized the preservation of the existing two-storey tourist accommodation, maintaining its original structure and character.

The architectural design endeavours to elevate the Cellar Door hospitality experience by harmoniously blending modern amenities with the rustic charm of the winery setting. Through thoughtful interventions and meticulous planning, the project seeks to create a memorable and immersive environment for visitors, fostering a deeper appreciation for fine wine and culinary delights amidst breathtaking surroundings.