Gillieston Heights Community Hub


Redwood Dr &, Pine St, Gillieston Heights NSW

The project involved design and documentation of a single storey multi-use community facility on a green field site located in a new suburban release area. It includes three activity/ meeting rooms, office areas, commercial kitchen, foyer and covered entry, landscaping and car parking. The facility provides meeting space for local organisations and community groups to undertake a range of social programs, services and activities which address the community’s social needs. It will play an integral role in encouraging community interaction and the enhancement of community wellbeing. 

The building is positioned to capture views of the dam and for easy access to surrounding landscape and the existing public playground. A range of materials and forms complement the low scale residential character of surrounding properties however the building is still recognisable as a public facility. The high-quality design, strategic siting and mix of materials complement the visual character of the area and the amenity. The development has been designed with respect to adjoining sites to preserve neighbouring amenity including solar access, views and privacy.

Gillieston Heights-1