Caitlyn Sherwood

Architectural Technician


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Newcastle

As an Architectural Technician, I am entrusted with responding to diverse architectural briefs from a wide range of clients. My responsibilities encompass various tasks within our scope of services, including feasibility studies, master planning, DA applications, construction certificates, and as-built drawings across residential, educational, commercial, and government projects. I also coordinate consultant information, participate in site visits and client meetings, manage RFI (request for information) from councils and building contractors, and ensure seamless project delivery.

Career Journey: I earned my Bachelor of Design (Architecture) with Distinction in 2021 and received the ‘College Medal in the College of Engineering, Science & Environment’ for consistently achieving above 85% in all courses. Subsequently, I pursued my Masters of Architecture, graduating with an HD average. Alongside my architectural pursuits, I hold an Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama Teaching, showcasing my interdisciplinary interests and skills. I joined Webber Architects in 2020 and have since grown both personally and professionally.

Passion & Achievements: What excites me most about my job is the creativity and diversity it offers. Each project presents unique challenges that require innovative solutions, making the process incredibly rewarding. At Webber Architects, my significant achievement lies in my continuous growth, learning, and passionate involvement in every project I undertake.

Interests & Hobbies: Beyond work, I indulge in various creative pursuits such as painting, drawing, macrame, sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, furniture restoration, and sculpting. I find joy in the process of creation and draw inspiration from diverse sources.

Future Goals: Looking ahead, I aspire to become a registered architect while maintaining a dynamic and varied role. I am eager to contribute to larger initiatives and committees post-university, actively engaging in community projects and addressing broader societal issues.