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sandgate road multi unit development

The Development Application has been approved for the construction of eight dwellings in Wallsend.  Designed by Webber Architects this project separates the site into two forms with a common internal road.  Each unit will consist of a living, dining and kitchen area, bathroom and laundry, and a single car garage downstairs; and 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs. All units will have a deck or paved outdoor open space and landscaped yard. The layout pertain to good urban design allowing for supervision of common areas, a strong relationship to private open space, and passive solar access.

The facades have been articulated through the use of differing materials. The lower portion uses heavier masonry elements while the upper form uses more lightweight materials.  The combination of materials and the chosen colour palette acts to break down the mass of the composition, link the scale of the development to the surroundings, and compliment the surrounding residential area and landscaped backdrop.

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