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newcastle: city in transition

The University of Newcastle is holding their first ‘City in Transition’ public forum this week.  Following the announcement of the futuristic ‘NeW SPace’ facility and our emerging Higher Education Precinct in the CBD and coinciding with the visit of Emily Marthinsen (Assistant Vice-Chancellor Physical and Environmental Planning at the University of California, Berkeley) our community has the opportunity to consider what the many changes underway in our city will mean in the long term.

What kind of city do we want Newcastle to be?  A university town? An innovation hub? A business centre? An artistic and creative capital?

Webber Architects will be in attendance and look forward to hearing the discussion from the panel members: Sharon Claydon MP, Ken Gouldthorp, Emily Marthinsen, Trent Bagnall, David Antcliff, Marcus Westbury and Kristen Keegan.

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