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newcastle archiMEET @ fort scratchley

Webber Architects recently attended the Newcastle ArchiMEET, helf on Friday 16 May @ Fort Scratchley.

The event  “centers on ideas of how architecture works, both as an outside vehicle amongst a city or urban space, and also how internally, as architects, we work in practice to create great spaces.” ArchiMEET Creative Director, Glen Spicer, EJE Architectre.

There were two speakers at the event, Adam Haddow from SJB Architects and Carey Lyon from Lyons Architecture.

Carey opened up about many of the Lyons Melbourne University projects with RMIT.  The talk included rationale behind many of their award winning projects, facade treatments & multi-architectural collaborations.  Carey closed the talk on the Newcaslte University Campus (NeW Space) and how the design reacts to the requirements of the university, the city, and future teaching methods.

Adam discussed topics on what makes a city centre, density, world trends, research, best practice and examples of implementation.  Closing out his discussion was an outline of the proposed GPT / Urban Growth proposal detailing the research, work ethics, and ideas which have driven the Hunter Street development which looked very promising.

They day was a great networking event for local architects, graduates and students and we cant wait for the next one.

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