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new morpeth residence under construction

Webber Architects has designed a new residence in a new subdivision of Morpeth. Construction is now nearing completion. The design is in accordance with the ‘Morpeth Lifestyle Allotments Design Guidelines’ and meets the objectives of its ‘R5 Large Lot Residential’ zoning of providing ‘residential housing in a rural setting while preserving and minimising impacts on environmentally sensitive locations and scenic quality’.

The 4 bedroom single storey dwelling incorporates open plan living/dining/kitchen with walk in pantry, media room, bathroom, ensuite, double garage with internal access, laundry, verandas and courtyard.

The façade provides a consistent elevation view from each of the three street frontages. The chosen combination of materials is suitable to the site’s location, defines the elevation and verandas and minimises maintenance. The in-ground lap pool has been located on the north-west corner of the site capturing the northern and afternoon sun.

AAA rated plumbing accessories increase water usage efficiency. Water will be drained from the roof and collected in a 4000 litre storage tank. This water will then be reticulated through the house to the WCs and clothes washing facilities. The dwelling has been designed for good cross ventilation in summer, with the main living spaces open on at least two sides. The walls and roof are insulated to prevent the space losing heat during winter.

Privacy is maintained via a line of existing trees on the east side and additional planting is planned for privacy of other two frontages and future pool. The site is separated by roads on three sides and the dwelling is set back on the block to further minimise its impact on neighbouring properties. Its orientation captures the bushland outlook.

Exterior finishes include a combination of light weight cladding, light coloured brick and dark coloured brick. Overall Colour Scheme is Creams, Browns and Greys in-line with the Morpeth Lifestyle Allotments Design Guidelines.

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