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da approved child care centre

Development Application has been approved to retain an existing child care centre in Waratah and construct an adjoining addition by demolishing an adjacent existing house and shed. The two lots are to be consolidated into one once construction is complete. The intake for the centre will be increased from 20 to 39 children and staff numbers will increased by 2 staff members.

The site is in a Moderate Growth precinct, zoned R2 Low Density Residential within the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012. The development is defined as a ‘child care centre’ and thus, is permissible within this zone. The development enables ‘other land uses that provide facilities or services to meet the day to day needs of residents’ and therefore satisfies the objectives of the LEP.

The new extension building is of a similar scale to the existing centre and contains a playroom, children’s toilets, store, wet area, and staff toilet. The existing child care centre houses the other necessary amenities required, such as a kitchen, office, staff area, cot rooms, and other playrooms. The existing building will remain largely untouched except for minor alterations where the new building adjoins the existing.

The facade has been designed to complement the existing centre using similar construction, cladding, roof pitch, and sheeting. The centre will be a single storey and thus link well with the surrounding mainly residential dwellings.

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