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CHSLSC disability ramp

Cooks Hill Surf Life Saving Club recently asked for our help to design a ramp to access the beach, providing people with a disability access to an otherwise inaccessible area.   This idea came to fruition when a member of the surf club was injured in an unfortunate accident and has since been bound to a wheelchair.  This ramp allows him to access a place he loves and provides him with the ability to remain completely involved in the Surf Club community.  In conjunction with the ramp,  further changes to the club were implemented to ensure people with a disability are able to access the change room and showers after their swim.  This was a wonderful project to be a part of and we can only hope that other surf clubs move towards this type of thinking, allowing people of all walks of life access to such a wonderful Australian icon.

CHSLSC Disabilty Ramp 1  CHSLSC Disability Ramp 2


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