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alison homestead – completed heritage project

Webber Architects’ Associate, Andrew Barnard recently attended the official opening of the Alison Homestead. This heritage-listed Homestead is home to the Wyong District Museum and Historical Society, and is Webber Architects’ most recently completed heritage project.

After much of the original building was damaged by fire, a new design reflecting the original Homestead was developed by Webber Architects. The design involves a new, modern, non-dominant addition to the original building, considerate of the original building.

The new ‘Pearce Wing’, named after one of the founding families of the Homestead, encompasses communal open spaces more in context with its uses. A central education and meeting space separates the original and new pavilions. Externally, new metal roofs reflect the corrugated iron roofs of the oldest part of the Homestead; and the recycled brick walls supporting the education space, and rusted steel fascias give the building an earthy tone.  The internal new building works are finished in modern materials and detailing. Polished concrete is detailed to shadow the walls of the original Homestead allowing visitors to interpret the original building whilst viewing the collection of artefacts on display.

Restoration has been undertaken to the scale and proportion to reflect the original Homestead. The outline of the original building is also reflected in the landscape to provide visitors with an understanding of the original size of the site and its relation to the surviving photographs of the site.

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