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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our team!  Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to working with our clients, colleagues and consultants in 2019.

There have been several highlights within our business this year, some of which are detailed below.  In addition, we welcomed Trent Russell (Registered Architect) to our Newcastle office; and Sam Bailey (Architectural Assistant) to our Sydney office, and celebrated Rebekah Hogan’s and Chris Hanlon’s completion of their Master degrees.  In early 2019 Tanya Killen, Associate and Head of Interior Design will attend an overseas study tour from which the education will influence our architecture going forward.

Introducing our new logo








To reflect our established and recognised brand Webber has introduced a new logo.

The word ‘webber’ by which we are colloquially referred is indicative of the familiarity and intimacy our clients, colleagues and community have with the brand and its people.

The logo design conveys the restrained, enduring and practical mark of our architecture and services.

Refurbishment of our Newcastle office









Webber is in the process of refurbishing its Newcastle office.  We are working towards a workplace that is more comfortable, inviting for visitors, and invigorating for staff.  Careful staging has allowed for business as usual.

Confirming location and design involved first, reflection on what was important to us.  We have considered our desired
– space needs
– uses of space
– comfort and level of amenity
– accessibility
– presence
– image

Our new layout incorporates private offices, meeting rooms, breakout spaces and open plan enabling both individual and collaborative work.  We have allowed for ongoing growth of our business and for visiting Sydney office staff.  Improved storage and upgraded services  improve efficiencies and  movable furnishings allow for flexible use.

Our new palette has been chosen for its light and fresh aesthetic, with nods to the post-modern period that the architecture of our building places us within.

New staff appointment








Webber’s Head of Interior Design, Tanya Killen is now an Associate.  Tanya is an honourable representative of our business and its interior design department.  Tanya goes above and beyond to perform a range of tasks required.  Our team benefits from her high degree of creativity, sound knowledge, technical expertise, patience and positive attitude.  The Associate title recognises her professionalism and leadership.




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